Embracing community and celebrating diversity.


Atlanta's Sara J. González Memorial Park, the first park named for a Latino in the State of Georgia, honors inclusiveness and cultural diversity while providing accessible child and family oriented greenspace to the growing Atlanta Westside community it serves. It will be inaugurated in September 2018 and will feature ADA-compliant access throughout, a playground for children of all abilities, a children's open field soccer area, an electricity-powered "Learning Nook" thanks to Georgia Power Foundation, and a legacy plaza that celebrates Atlanta's broad population.

The Sara J. González Memorial Park commemorates the legacy of Ms. González — a devoted mother and Cuban immigrant whose faith in the American Dream propelled her from small business owner to revered Hispanic, immigrant and minority-rights leader who served all in her community with joy and compassion.

Located at Coronet Way and Bolton Road on Atlanta's Westside, in the same neighborhood where Ms. González lived for 30 years until her passing in 2008, this trailblazing park pays tribute to Ms. González's love of children, support of families, and her lifelong advocacy for inclusiveness and tolerance. Click here to support the park. All donations are tax deductible. Follow us on Facebook here.

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